Your candle, made your way.

All our made for you candles are fully customisable to match your home perfectly.
Step 1: Simply choose your fragrance from 1 of the 4 options below and then get to customising your candle! The scent for each candle is in our fragrance list or the description of each listing.

Step 2: So you've chose your scent now its time to choose how to customise your candle! First of all, let's talk colour schemes- what colour are you thinking for your candle to match your home? Is your home decor grey? Black? Possibly Navy? Whatever colour you want, that's where you begin!

Step 3: So you've got your colour down, so its time to design your candle! Are you more of a plain Jane or do you want a marble design? maybe you fancy a pop of rose gold flakes! Whatever the possibility, customise your candle however you want it! 

Step 4: I know it might seem like there's a lot of steps but you want your candle customising, right? The next vital decision is choosing if you want your candle wax colour beige OR if you want it to match your pot!! You've got a pink pot? Ok, why not add a pink wax too to make it pop!!

Step 5: Your final step is choosing your wick. We know not everyone likes a cotton wick and not everyone likes a crackle wood wick so that's up to you to decide...

Lastly, add your 'MADE FOR YOU' candle to your cart and wait for your stunning, handmade creation and vision to be delivered directly to your door.

Please allow UP to 14 working days for our made for you candles to be shipped as they are completely customised to you which means they take more time and care. It will be more than worth the wait, we can guarantee it!