What We Do

Alterior and Puddles.

So you have stumbled across our website and now you're wondering what we actually do at Alterior & Puddles. Well first of all, thank you for stopping by!

At Alterior & Puddles, our mission is to create your home a little more 'you'. 

So essentially, we tailor our handmade home decor, candles and reed diffusers solely on how you want them! HOW FREAKING GOOD IS THAT?! 

We know just how frustrating it can be when you go to the retail shops and all you see is the same on trend colours- well, cut out the hassle & have your custom made products delivered directly to your door. 

We also have an array of wax melts on our wesbite that are hand poured in our studio! Trust me when we say, these wax melts certainly are not what you can pick up on a shelf. Our customers come back time and time again as our wax melts will last you up to 80 hours burn times in just one single bar alone costing you only £3.49! 

If you have any questions, we are always on hand to help- just head to our Instagram or drop us a message in our chat box, we will always get back to you as soon as we can.


Made For You

Check out our custom made for you candle range.

Explore your senses

All our handmade home decor is so appealing to the eye that customers are blown away by how good they appear in person. We also receive compliments on how 'smooth' our home decor feels- don't believe us? check out some of our 5* reviews on our products or try it yourself!